Friday, October 8, 2010

True Love is like Still waters

     There is nothing more worthwhile in life than to be having a heated conversation with intelligent people nibbling onto delicious snacks. Oh yes, i'm mentioning the previous evening which lasted till 4 am in the awesome company of our distinguished guests, Sabyasachi (Dada/Acharyaji) and Namrita.
the loving duo
     Dada is a close friend of my husband, who has named him Acaryaji in honour to respect his abundance of knowledge and wisdom. And i witnessed it yesterday...after a very thought provoking and convincing discussion on Love. The duo have been married for 10 years and prior to that were in a relationship for 5 yrs...making it a total of 15 yrs of togetherness and still going rock strong (touchwood). They were witness to my husband's unending persuasions of proposals to me when i was refuting them. They narrated incidents and declared that they were convinced that this man could love no other woman and has gone bonkers over me. Flattering as it was, i was not convinced (i'm stupid) and so started our very intense, passionate and educating (acquiring knowledge+sense) expedition of words and feelings.
     Of all the things everybody said, what struck me was Dada's statement, "jo dikhta hai wo pyaar nahin"(what can be seen is not love). Well, with my experience, that about sums it up. It is foolish to believe in words spoken by men (in my case). I probably rarely witnessed my husband's times of trials (to have me in his life) though i was always surprised (n sometimes irritated) with his constant persuasions. But i know today, i have struck gold. No man can love me more than my husband. There are very few women who are that lucky. Perhaps love in its true strength can never really be expressed or shown, it is just experienced and felt. Things about feelings is that they never have any logic. And one lesson i have learnt about love from my husband is that love is patient and kind. It does not envy or boast, it is not proud or rude, it is not self-seeking or keeps record of wrongs. Love is truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres. What is a love that does not protect.That is what my husband did for me. I believe in love today because of him. 
     I have believed in many a false words of love. What can i say, i was a girl who believed in fairy love and lived in a dream world. But i'm lucky to have found the true love everybody seeks in the real world. I'm a lucky girl. 
     At the end of it i came to one conclusion, true love is like still waters, they run deep.

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